Young Chemists

Hi there !

Welcome to the web page of the French Young Chemists’ Network – Rhône-Alpes section .
Our office, elected in January 2016, is made up of three young scientists with different backgrounds but with one point in common : the desire to commit themselves to strengthening networks and connections between young chemists.

Our PR, Matteo Tonelli, is presently doing a post-doc. He is specialized in analytical chemistry and more specifically in spectroscopy. In view of his Italian origin and his strong international experience, Matteo’s first goal is to improve the communication with non-French speaking members and to favor their participation to the actions of the SCF.

Maxime Huchede, vice-president is a chemical engineer specialized in organic chemistry. He is presently doing an industrial PhD in the framework of a CIFRE agreement. Thanks to his many contacts in the industry and his good interpersonal skills, Maxime’s activity is mainly focused in favoring the exchanges between the young members of our network and the industrial partners of the Rhône-Alpes region.

The president of our section is Zoé Buniazet, a chemical engineer specialized in the chemistry of materials. Her PhD thesis deals with biomass valorization in bioplastics. Zoé participates actively to several national and international congresses and represents the SCF in these manifestations. Zoé is a member of the administration council of the SCF and thus ensures the link in between the young chemists of our region and the elected members of the SCF office.

Among its different activities, the French Young Chemists’ Network – Rhône-Alpes section helps with the organization of regional congresses such as the JIREC 2016, in the promotion of events such as the “ Journées de printemps “ and it actively participates to those events that can bring science to a wider public, such as the science festival “La fête de la science”.

According to the Union of the Chemical Industries, the Rhône-Alpes region is the first French region for chemical production. In particular the petrochemical industry, the mineral chemistry and the production of fine chemicals are concentrated in the « Chemistry valley » in the south of Lyon ; electronics and material chemistry are strongly developed in Grenoble and the Ain valley is known for its many companies operating in the plastic manufacture. For this reason, the mission of our office is to strengthen the connections between the young members of our network and the industrial partners, favor their professional insertion and organize events where people from the industry and young chemists can meet.

If you have new ideas or good suggestions, but also if you feel the drive to commit yourself to the development of the network and you would like to join us, do not hesitate to contact us : we will be pleased to answer to any of your questions.

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