Le traité de physique de Ganot

Ganot’s Treatise of Physics

One Century of Physics through a Popular Textbook : Ganot’s Treatise of Physics


In 1852, teaching was deeply modified in France and a larger place was given to scientific
teaching. Consequently, numerous physics textbooks have been edited. Among them, the « Traité de Physique », from Adolphe Ganot, got a prominent place. Though the author did not get any
academic position, his book was translated in numerous foreign languages and was used worldwide
for physics teaching. Its still remains a reference for people interested in physics apparatus.
Regularly republished for 80 years, this manual was the first one to exhibit some characteristics of
our present textbooks and facilitated the propagation of the new theories. In this article are reported the main innovative features of this textbook and the reasons why it became so popular.


Physics, textbooks, history of Sciences, Ganot

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