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The European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry consistently publishes papers that prove to attract readers for many years. The recent list of most accessed articles includes reviews, full papers and an essay that span the years from 2001 to 2014.

Below please find the 25 most accessed papers for the past year, which have been made free to access for a limited period of time. Enjoy reading the one that applies to your research.

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Karen Hindson

Karen Hindson
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry

25 Most Accessed Articles from European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry:

Free Metals@MOFs – Loading MOFs with Metal Nanoparticles for Hybrid Functions
Mikhail Meilikhov, Kirill Yusenko, Daniel Esken, Stuart Turner,
Gustaaf Van Tendeloo, Roland A. Fischer

Free Cooperative Catalysis with First-Row Late Transition Metals
Jarl Ivar van der Vlugt

Free Inorganic Analogues of Graphene
C. N. R. Rao, Angshuman Nag

Free Synthesis and Characterization of Copper Complexes of a Tetrapyridyl Ligand, and Their Use in the Catalytic Aerobic Oxidation of Benzyl Alcohol
Ilaria Gamba, Ilpo Mutikainen, Elisabeth Bouwman, Jan Reedijk,
Sylvestre Bonnet

Free Photoactivated Biological Activity of Transition-Metal Complexes
Ulrich Schatzschneider

Free The Role of Nanostructure in Improving the Performance of Electrodes for Energy Storage and Conversion
Gabriele Centi, Siglinda Perathoner

Free Silicon Nanowires – Synthesis, Properties, and Applications
Mingwang Shao, Dorthy Duo Duo Ma, Shuit-Tong Lee

Free Green Microwave Synthesis of MIL-100(Al, Cr, Fe) Nanoparticles for Thin-Film Elaboration
Alfonso García Márquez, Aude Demessence, Ana Eva Platero-Prats, et al.

Free Ag/Graphene Heterostructures: Synthesis, Characterization and Optical Properties
Jing Li, Chun-yan Liu

Free Nanoscale Metal–Organic Frameworks: Magnetic Resonance Imaging Contrast Agents and Beyond
Joseph Della Rocca, Wenbin Lin

Free Ionic Liquids for Lanthanide and Actinide Chemistry
Anja-Verena Mudring, Sifu Tang

Free γ-Alumina as a Support for Catalysts: A Review of Fundamental Aspects
Monica Trueba, Stefano P. Trasatti

Free Non-Innocent Ligands: New Opportunities in Iron Catalysis
Sébastien Blanchard, Etienne Derat, Marine Desage-El Murr, Louis Fensterbank, Max Malacria, Virginie Mouriès-Mansuy

Free Nanoscopic Metal Particles − Synthetic Methods and Potential Applications
Helmut Bönnemann, Ryan M. Richards

Free Direct Liquid Coating of Chalcopyrite Light-Absorbing Layers for Photovoltaic Devices
Teodor Todorov, David B. Mitzi

Free Bis(diethylamino)(pentafluorophenyl)phosphane – a Push–Pull Phosphane Available for Coordination
Andreas Orthaber, Michael Fuchs, Ferdinand Belaj, Gerald N. Rechberger,
C. Oliver Kappe, Rudolf Pietschnig

Free Homogeneous versus Heterogeneous Catalysts in Water Oxidation
Shunichi Fukuzumi, Dachao Hong

Free Synthesis of Fe3O4-Au Nanocomposites with Enhanced Peroxidase-Like Activity
Haiyan Sun, Xiuling Jiao, Yanyang Han, Zhen Jiang, Dairong Chen

Free Metathesis Reactions: Recent Trends and Challenges
Christophe Deraedt, Martin d'Halluin, Didier Astruc

Free The Shrinking World of Innocent Ligands: Conventionaland Non-Conventional Redox-Active Ligands
Wolfgang Kaim

Free Heteropolyacid-Based Materials as Heterogeneous Photocatalysts
Giuseppe Marcì, Elisa I. García-López, Leonardo Palmisano

Free Incorporation of Hydrogen-Bonding Functionalities into the Second Coordination Sphere of Iron-Based Water-Oxidation Catalysts
Wesley A. Hoffert, Michael T. Mock, Aaron M. Appel, Jenny Y. Yang

Free Cooperative Aliphatic PNP Amido Pincer Ligands – Versatile Building Blocks for Coordination Chemistry and Catalysis
Sven Schneider, Jenni Meiners, Bjorn Askevold

Free A General Strategy for the Synthesis of Functionalised UiO-66 Frameworks: Characterisation, Stability and CO2 Adsorption Properties
Shyam Biswas, Pascal Van Der Voort

Free Ternary Graphene–TiO2–Fe3O4 Nanocomposite as a Recollectable Photocatalyst with Enhanced Durability
Yue Lin, Zhigang Geng, Hongbing Cai, Lu Ma, Jia Chen, Jie Zeng, Nan Pan, Xiaoping Wang

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