Local Section

The Rhône-Alpes local section of SCF is a non-profit organization gathering chemists from all areas around Chambéry, Grenoble and Lyon scientific pools. These 3 sites are represented in the administrative board in charge of its governance. This board, elected for 3 years, is constituted of accademic scientists and a representative of the chemical industry. It operates in close collaboration with the Local Young Chemists’ Network of the region, which it supports in its actions towards scientific popularization and young chemists networking.

First region in France for chemical production, in particular in the areas of petrochemistry, inorganic chemistry, chemistry of materials and fine chemistry, the region Rhône-Alpes embodies the « Valley of Chemistry » in the South of Lyon, the chemical platforms around Grenoble (Jarrie – Pont-de-Claix), the Val de Saône (agricultural chemistry), Saint-Etienne (additives, surfactants), as well as the Plain of Ain (plastics processing industry).

Rich of its three universities (Université Grenoble-Alpes, Université de Lyon, Université Savoie-Mont Blanc) and of the strong presence on its territory of major research organizations (CNRS, CEA, IFPEN,…), the Rhône-Alpes region represents 25% of the national investment for research [1]. Noteworthyly, our region hosts several Competitiveness Poles in Environmental Chemistry (Axelera), Plastics Processing (Plastipolis), et Healthcare Innovation (Lyon-Biopôle).

In this dynamic context, the role of the Société Chimique de France is to gather the actors of chemical industries and of public research and education, and to bring them to meet and interact better. To this end, the Rhône-Alpes section of SCF organizes annually a « Spring Scientific Meeting » alternatively in Chambéry, Grenoble or Lyon, at the occasion of which young researchers are invited to present their research to an audience of > 100 people. While selecting presentations, the SCF board watches that all areas of chemistry are represented, and that at least one of the plenary lectures is given by a speaker working in industry. At the outset of this meeting, 3 prices are awarded to the participants, for the best oral communication and for the 2 best posters.

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