Local Section

Chemistry holds an important place in Auvergne. Even if pneumatic industry is most emblematic, the region is also home of world renowned industries in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and metallurgy. 
The future chemists will find educational programs to lead them into careers as, technician (DUT),engineers, all the way to scientific researchers. The two former universities that will be unified as Université Clermont Auvergne, offer complete degrees Licence‐Master‐doctorate and DUT. Clermont‐Ferrand is also home to a unique engineering school which combines the disciplines of chemistry and mechanics. This engineering school named SIGMA is the result of the unification between the ENSCCF and IFMA. Public scientific research in Auvergne is developed at the Institut de Chimie de Clermont‐Ferrand (UMR 6296) and the UMR 990 Inserm/UdA, Imagerie & Therapie Vectorisee.

The regional section of the Société Chimique de France (SCF) wishes to represent the chemists of Auvergne to defend, bring together and promote the discipline. The section is encouraging all chemists, industrial and academic to share their experiences and create projects to communicate and to promote chemistry. With a highly motivated and dynamic Club Jeunes Chimistes, the section is encouraging all students to join our society. For example the club has participated , as a representative of the SCF, in many different public events, such as the Portes Ouvertes at University and Fête de la Science. More recently, the regional section is promoting bursaries to member doctoral students for presentation of their work in international conference. The regional section supports secondary school students by offering each year a special prize to the regional laureates of the Olympiades de Chimie or the EXPERscIENCES, organised by UdPP.

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