Local Section

The local section of Normandie includes 140 members ; 25 % of them are students, the others belong to the sectors of teaching and research (50 %) ; and industry (25 %).

In 2015, The local section of Normandie supported 4 international congresses of chemistry organized by Norman members :

  • 2d Euro-Asia Zeolite Conference
  • 4th workshop « zeolithes : prospect & challenges »
  • 5th International Conference on Operando Spectroscopy
  • 11th International Conference on Heteroatom Chemistry

Furthermore, this section organizes, every year, jointly with the local section of Nord-Pas of Calais-Picardy, the European Northwest Days of the Young Researchers (JNOEJC). This congress gives the opportunity to young researchers in chemistry to show their works, and also distinguished several students’ work, by granting « oral communication » and « poster » for the quality of the presentation of their works. The JNOEJC took place in Rouen in 2015, and grouped 124 participants ; the next one will take place in Lille on June 9-10th, 2016.

With the concern to support the actions of the young researchers, the local section of Normandie supports annually the Days of the Norman Chemistry Doctoral School (JEDNC), organized by the PhD students of this Doctoral School.

The local section of Normandie would like to highlight the fact that the membership of the PhD students is supported, for several years, by two Norman laboratories : the LCMT (Laboratoire de chimie moléculaire et thioorganique) of Caen and the LCS (Laboratoire catalyse et spectrochimie) of Caen, at the level of 50 %.

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