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The local section of SCF Bourgogne–Franche-Comté is composed of high school and university teachers, CNRS researchers, industrial members from diverse companies, PhD students and students (Master level) of the region of Bourgogne–Franche-Comté.

Our local section is organising several meetings, manifestations and events :

  • Since 2003, the annual meeting called "journées d’hiver « Université-Industrie »" takes place alternatively in Besançon and in Dijon. During this meeting organized in March, about ten conferences are presented by researchers of the Universities of Bourgogne and Franche-Comté, as well as invited academic speakers from other Universities in France and Europe. The programme also includes several presentations given by speakers from chemical companies, talking about applied sciences, marketing and commercial activities of their respective companies. Gathering 50 to 75 participants (students, academic researches, and industry representatives), these lectures inform them about the state of the art of topics of current interest, spread and present the different academic and applied industrial research activities in our region, and last but not least, bring together people and stimulate new contacts and collaborations between academic researchers and the R&D departments of chemical companies. This meeting also allows our students (Bachelor and Master level) to discover the research activities of the laboratories and chemical companies of the region.
  • Specific manifestations : International Year of Chemistry (2011), Homage to Pr Jean Tirouflet (2013), and conferences series “Jean Tirouflet” during mid-December every year since 2014 (invited lecturers : Pr Gerhard Erker in 2014 ; Pr Irina Beletskaya in 2015 ; Pr Athanassios G. Coutsolelos in 2015).
  • Fête de la science : guided visits in laboratories for the public.
  • Expositions in partnership with the CNRS and the CASDEN : « La vie en transparence » (2013), « Chimie Express » (2015), « Prix Nobel et talents de la recherche » (2016)…

We also co-organise in collaboration with the Ecole Doctorale Carnot-Pasteur the annual meeting of the PhD students, which takes place alternately in Besançon and in Dijon at the end of May. The program of the first day includes several conferences, with topics in chemistry, physics and mathematics, given by academic researchers from other universities. During the course of the second day, the PhD students present their results in form of oral presentation or a poster session. The jury is chaired by the local section of the SCF.
Our SCF section attributes every year 4 prizes for the best oral presentation (ranging from 200 to 300 euros) and 3 posters prizes (150 euros) presented by the PhD students. In a ceremony, the jury distributes a certificate for every participant.

We also support and sponsor diverse manifestations and work for the promotion of science and chemistry. Selected examples concerning our activity in this domain are :

  • the regional Chemistry Olympiads (presentation of prizes for high school students in an award ceremony),
  • the contest « Faites de la science »,
  • the contest « C génial » for middle school students,
  • loan of chemical and laboratory equipment for scientific animation and experiments in schools, …

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