Our missions and actions

Represent french chemists

  • To organize scientific events, international conferences, specialized or interdisciplinary seminars
  • To participate actively in the elaboration of high quality European publications,
  • To strengthen national and international cooperation, particularly with French-speaking countries.


Aware of the need to be in touch with the public entities as well as the general public, SFC intercedes with :

  • The governemental authorities in order to point out the overwhelming part of chemistry in the national economy,
  • The general public in order to promote and support the image of chemistry,
  • The European Commission.

A place for exchange

As SCF is very concerned with the strengthening of relations between State authorities, agencies and institutions, and industrial companies, it has become a center of meeting and chatting for chemists in :

  • Promoting collaboration between scientists and laboratories of the public sector and industries, including medium and small-scale enterprises and small industrial firms, in order to maintain a high level of fundamental research and to improve technology transfer,
  • Reinforcing the contacts with secondary and higher schools, universities, and CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research) in order to improve the development and the penetration of chemical sciences,
  • Thinking about the future of teaching chemical sciences, the expansion and direction of the discipline and its social and professional issues.

A support for the young chemists

SCF has an active policy towards its young members. It offers them several membership options, chat rooms in its young members clubs and helps them to find a job. SFC is also planning to create a work placement department.

At the European Union level

SCF has deep relations with a great number of European chemical associations in order to struggle for the chemical sciences’ cause and to promote a European identity in that field. The societies therefore co-operate in order to offer benefits and services to each other’s members in a way that reach beyond their national borders.

In this respect, SCF has bilateral cooperation agreements with Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh), Koninklijke Nederlandse Chemische Vereniging (KNCV), The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), La Real Sociedad Española de Química, La Società Chimica Italiana (SCI), La Société Royale de Chimie Belge (SRCB).

Bi-national Prizes or Lectures are awarded on biennial basis in conjunction with several National Societies : Georg Wittig – Victor Grignard Prize (with the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker), RSC-SCF Lecture (with The Royal Society of Chemistry), PTC – SCF Prize (with The Polskie Towarzystwo Chemiczne ), Miguel Catalán – Paul Sabatier Prize (with The Real Sociedad Española de Química), and SCI – SCF Prize (with The Società Chimica Italiana)..

This effort is now strengthened with the EuCheMS Networking Scheme which extends the offers agreed with the above Societies to all Member Societies of EuCheMS.

Hence, a member of a Member Society of EuCheMS will be granted - at no extra cost - the following services and benefits at the same conditions and prices as personal SCF members (or student members if applicable) :

  • Access to SCFInfo on line, a bi-weekly Newsletter (e-mail delivery or Web download from : ) ;
  • Participation in congresses, symposia, workshops, organised by SCF ;
  • Participation in education courses, information-days, etc., organised by SCF ;
  • Utilisation of SCF employment service ;
  • Access to articles from the SCF magazine, L’Actualité Chimique.

For more information :
Société Chimique de France
Halima Hadi
28 rue Saint Dominique
F-75007 Paris
Tel. +33 (0)140 467 162

It also participates in the set up of a French-speaking chemists commununity, as it increases its contacts with the sister associations in Africa, Asia and Europe, North America.

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