Réseau des Jeunes Chimistes – SCF


Contact : rj-scf@societechimiquedefrance.fr

Introducing the French Young Chemists Network (RJ-SCF)

In July 2014, the young chemists belonging to the French Chemical Society (SCF) founded a network named RJ-SCF (French Young Chemists’ Network). With the support of the Society and its national board, the purpose was to federate all the chemists under 35 and make their actions more perceptible on a national and international scale.

The main goals of RJ-SCF are to :

  • Enable all initiatives by and on behalf of the young chemists ;
  • Federate and support the Society members, including during their studies and/or early career ;
  • Promote chemistry to general public ;
  • Coordinate the actions of regional clubs (Clubs des Jeunes, CdJ).

Each Society member who is under 35, belonging to academic institutions or industry, as student, PhD student, postdoc, ATER, technician, engineer, researcher, teacher, teacher-researcher, designer, operator, technical assistant or manager assistant, is systematically affiliated to its regional club (CdJ), to the national network RJ-SCF as well as to the European network EYCN (European Young Chemists’ Network).

RJ-SCF’s board meets up twice a year where each regional CdJ has a seat. In between, communication is constantly developed by emails, phone, videoconferences and even on in-house forums available on SCF’s website.

Déjà membre de la SCF ?