Groupe Français des Glycosciences (GFG)


The French Glycoscience Group (GFG) objective is to promote and develop applied and basic science related to Glycosciences : structural analysis, organic and chemoenzymatic synthesis, metabolism and biological functions of carbohydrates and glycoconjugates…
The French Carbohydrate Chemistry Group was created as early as 1970. This group quickly involved glycobiologistand interdisciplinary approaches and evolved to the French Carbohydrate Group in 1974.In 2010 andconsistent with the recent evolution of the discipline, the GFG adopted its current name : the « French Glycoscience Group ». It is one of the 16 thematic groups of the SCF and one of the four Associated Groups of the French Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Society.

The GFG organizes a biannual scientific symposium that alternates with the EuroCarb one. The « Journées du GFG » are the occasion for the French glycoscience community to expose recent advances in the field, as well as to create and strengthen interdisciplinary collaborations between chemists, polymer scientists, structuralists, biochemists and biologists. In this way, the GFG plays a crucial role to initiate and consolidate interdisciplinary collaborations in various domainsinglycosciences.

The GFG also attributes two Prizes :

  • The « Prix du GroupeFrançais des Glycosciences »awarding a young scientist (< 40 years),whose contribution to glycosciences merit to be highlighted.
  • The « Prix Bernard Fournet – André Verbert »awarding 2 young research fellows (PhD or post-doc) by giving them the opportunity to present their works in an international symposium related to the chemistry, biochemistry and/or biology of carbohydrates.

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