Groupe d’analyse en milieu industriel


1/ General Topics

  • 1-1 Formation
    This theme was already part of the objectives of the Club « ECRIN » and deserves to be continued in view of the unsatisfactory situation in the training of staff employed in laboratories of analysis, both in general education in chemistry, physics ... that the more specific training in technical analysis. It is proposed to keep informed on the teachings of industrial chemistry and analytical chemistry and confront the needs identified in the analytical laboratories. An approach was initiated with Jérôme Randon Analytical Chemistry Master of Claude Bernard University and deserves to be continued and expanded. Continual reflection group will fuel trade with the training managers.
  • 1-2 Regulation and detection limits
    All participants considered that lowering detection limits is an expensive analytical challenge whose stakes seem misunderstood by economic and policy makers. The reflections and the Panel’s recommendations would effectively relayed by the SCF.
  • 1-3 Instrumentation
    For Research and Development of instrumentation in France several participants questioned the action that could be undertaken by the Group. One way to consider would be to highlight the unifying projects proposed by a vocation to research competence center (as if ISA thematic permit) and several industrial members. The NESSI project (USA) has been cited. The AXELERA cluster could also define the needs and projects.

2/ Specific Topics for analysis in industry

  • 2-1 Online Analysis
    The theme of the online analysis of great interest of the participants who confirm strong demand related to process intensification and control of regulated processes impacts on the environment and health. The needs range from the instrument to the sampling and signal processing. Better to close analysis methods involves the development of intrusive systems. Cost reduction analyzers and their environment is a major objective.
  • 2-2 Sensors
    The development of more sensitive and robust sensors for control over the entire process chain.
  • 2-3 Sampling
    The sampling problem is persistent (not good analyzes without good samples !). In particular the lowering detection limits makes this more demanding stage.
  • 2-4 Improving Productivity
    Reducing analysis costs in all analytical and laboratory service is an ongoing objective. Broadband techniques are answered.

3/ The analysis related to the issues of the implementation of REACH regulations and environmental

The control of discharges (gas, solid, liquid) industrial installations will require the development and the development of methods and techniques adapted to the low levels required by the new specifications. Assays for the application of REACH or for the analysis of the life cycle will develop. Some methods require laboratories with GLP standards that are not practiced by all.

4/ Working Group Formation

Given the number of selected topics, participants agree to the formation of affinity groups working for better effectiveness in advancing themes Group analysis in industry.
proposed working groups are :

  • 4-1 Training

General Thread
- Higher Analytical chemistry

specific topic
- Participation In the Symposium Lyon

  • 4-2 Online Analysis

General Thread
- Development Of instrumentation in France

specific topics
- Improved Techniques
Online -Analysis and process intensification
- Analyses Rapid and signal processing
- Application Intrusive systems
- Development Sensors

  • 4-3 Laboratory

General Thread
-Regulations And detection limits

specific topics
-Improved Productivity
-Cost reduction
-Analysis Related to REACH and regulations
-Environmental analysis

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