Enseignement / Formation


The council of the Education and Training Division (Division Enseignement Formation, DEF) is composed of elected members of the SCF, representatives of the scientific divisions of SCF, appointed experts, and representatives of associations or companies interested in chemistry and teaching.
Within the SCF, DEF is responsible for the coordination of all questions concerning teaching of chemistry, considering the experience of all SCF members (industrial, teachers, or researchers). DEF is a place for the community to discuss about the past, present and future of chemical education, according to the evolution of our society and the development of new teaching methods.

DEF will contribute to :

  • The continuous and comprehensive reflection on chemical education performed within national and international bodies
  • The harmonization of chemical education programs at national level in the French LMD context (license-bachelor, master, doctorat)
  • Promote exchanges to ensure continuity of chemical education, from college to university.
  • Encourage initiatives to improve chemical education, promote the development of new educational approaches, and ensure their recognition.
  • Promote and disseminate the best practice in chemical education
  • Communicate on actions to attract a broader audience towards chemistry in order to improve the chemistry image

Three key actions are conducted by DEF
Meeting on innovation and research in chemical education (Journées de l’Innovation et de la Recherche pour l’enseignement de la Chimie, JIREC). This meeting helps to strength the communication between secondary school teachers and those in higher education to promote a consistent progression from college to university. This meeting is a unique place in the French system to share teaching experiences in order to innovate in chemical education.
Articles dedicated to Chemical education are published on a regular basis in « L’ Actualité Chimique » , and selected works presented during JIREC are published in a special issue of this journal.
An annual prize is awarded by the SCF Board on the proposal of the Education and Training Division council.

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