Chimie organique


The Organic Chemistry Division (DCO) gathers the French community of academic or industrial organic chemists. The aim of the Division is to promote the national and international visibility of organic chemistry and its contributors. All topics, including those at the frontiers of the discipline, are represented.

Scientific activities
The DCO organizes every year two one-day scientific meetings, one in sring and one in winter. These meetings combine lectures from international speakers, prizes winners, but above all, provide a tribune for your French researchers.
Every three years, le DCO organizes the Journées de Chimie Organique, which are the main opportunity for a national gathering for the organic chemists community. This three-day congress gathers around 700 persons and includes plenary lectures, oral communications, poster presentations and commercial exhibitions.

Activities of Promotion and of Support to Organic Chemistry
With the aim to promote excellence for Organic Chemistry in France, the DCO awards every year several prizes : two Thesis prizes, two young researchers prizes, one advanced researcher prize, one industrial prize and the Division prize.
The Division is also closely linked to the EuCheMs to strengthen the reputation of the French organic chemistry in Europe, by selecting young laureates for international meetings.
The DCO also supports other national meetings devoted to organic chemistry, with financial sponsorship or travel grants.

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