The Electrochemistry Subdivision of the Société Chimique de France is one of the main players in electrochemistry in France. It has more than 330 members and its activities are organized by an elected Members’ Bureau, which is responsible for hosting special and exceptional scientific events around electrochemistry.

The Bureau meets two or three times a year to decide on the organisation of workshops on one or two days a year on topics covering different fields of electrochemistry. These workshops aim to introduce interdisciplinary discussions between researchers and industrial actors of the developed theme, in order to strengthen the network of relationships between them. Between 2007 and 2019, the subdivision organized 8 thematic workshops entitled « Electrochemistry and Modelling », « Organic Electrosynthesis », « Electrochemistry and Ionic Liquids », « Electrochemistry and Corrosion », « Industrial Electrochemistry », « Electrochemistry and Catalysis » and « REDOX-FLOW Batteries », « Photochemistry ».

The bureau has been involved in the organization of international or national conferences such as « ElecNano » since 2008 or the Journées d’Électrochimie « JEs », which take place every two years and bring together about 400 French-speaking electrochemists. The Subdivision Office awards the Young Researcher in Electrochemistry Prize from its own funds at these « JEs », and since 2011 has sponsored the « Practical Teaching of Electrochemistry » Prize awarded by ORIGALYS in the form of equipment.

Finally, the sub-division publishes special issues in the SCF journal « Actualité Chimique ». The purpose of these editions is to present some important and innovative applications of electrochemistry, to illustrate its multidisciplinarity and its current powerful commitment in all societal fields.

The Electrochemistry subdivision has also signed various agreements with the International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE) and the Divisione Elettrochimica of the Italian Chemical Society, in order to strengthen existing links between the French and international community through sponsorship and information operations.

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