Magnétisme et résonance magnétique


The group Magnetism and Magnetic Resonances was created in 2014 under the impulse of the DCP (physical chemistry division) to structure a community of users distributed geographically with various research orientations. Although the different communities are relatively well structured through two TGE-CNRS (NMR and RPE), and different types of organisations (Magnetic Resonance Study Group, the French Association of EPR, GDR Magnetism and Molecular Switching, French Group Mössbauer spectrometry), the interactions between these different groups are currently virtually non-existent. However, current research projects require the use of various complementary techniques, adapted to the problematics encountered but also more and more sophisticated.

This year, the group is organizing a CNRS school from 2 to 6 June 2019 in Strasbourg : « Magnetic Resonance, Understanding, Measurements and Modeling »

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