Chimie physique

Presentation of the division

Physical chemistry consists in studying the structure, the properties and the transformations of the matter by combining the analysis of the macroscopic behaviours with a description of the molecular mechanisms. Physical chemistry investigates the properties of the atoms, molecules, molecular assemblies, macromolecules, nanostructures under various phases (gas, liquid and solid) and with their interfaces. It also aims to develop predictive models. Physical chemistry thus gathers disciplines such as analytical chemistry, electrochemistry, theoretical chemistry, thermodynamics, radiochemistry, spectroscopy and photochemistry. It is also a discipline at the interface with physics, biology, the geosciences and nanosciences.

Currently, the physical chemistry division gathers the 6 following subdivisions :

  • Analytical chemistry
  • Electrochemistry
  • Nanosciences
  • Magnetism and magnetic resonance
  • Modelling and Simulation
  • Optical and neutron spectroscopy

The division of the physical chemistry aims

  • to develop the community of the physical chemists within the SCF and SFP societies
  • to promote scientific animation in the field of physical chemistry
  • to make young people aware of the role of the physical chemist in the society
  • to encourage the interactions with the other fields of chemistry, physics and biology

The division of physical chemistry, it is also :

  • national and international conferences, in particular meetings organized regularly with the other European societies of physical chemistry
  • annual conferences Jean Perrin which honour each year a French or foreign high-level scientist
  • prizes : thesis prize, young researcher prize, senior researcher prize, prize of instrumentation
  • a support for the subdivisions

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