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Glossaire des termes utilisés en Neurotoxicologie

The primary objective of this Glossary of Terms Used in Neurotoxicology is to give clear definitions for those who contribute to studies relevant to neurotoxicology, or must interpret them, but are not themselves neurotoxicologists, neuroscientists or physicians. This applies especially to chemists who need to understand the literature of neurotoxic effects of substances without recourse to a multiplicity of other glossaries or dictionaries. The Glossary includes terms related to basic and clinical neurology insofar as they are necessary for a self-contained document, and particularly terms related to diagnosing, measuring, and understanding effects of substances on the central and peripheral nervous systems. The glossary consists of about 750 terms as primary alphabetical entries, and includes Annexes of common

Date limite : 31 mai 2015 à

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