Young Chemists

Three enthusiastic PhD Students compose the French Young Chemists’ Network – Lorraine section’s board. Ileana Alexandra Pavel is a Romanian materials chemist in charge of the communication of the French Young Chemists’ Network – Lorraine section. Hugo Gattuso is a French theoretical chemist and an exceptionally committed vice president. Fernanda Haffner is a Brazilian food engineer who puts efforts (along with Hugo) in connecting the chemistry master’s and PhD students of the University of Lorraine (UL) as the president. Additionally, the organization holds a precious advisory board composed by Sandrine Lamandé-Langle (Organic Chemistry Ass. Prof.), Andreea Pasc (Soft matter Ass. Prof.) and Antonio Monari (Theoretical Chemistry Ass. Prof.).

Our mission is to provide networking opportunities and to broad the horizons of the students of the UL. For such, we implemented informal seminars for the master’s and PhD students twice a month in a very casual way – it is a “happy research hour”. Every other year we organize DocSciLor, a conference day where the UL master’s and PhD students in science have the chance to speak about their research, in English, for a scientific audience. Currently we are organizing a Congress in Physical Chemistry that will be held on the 17th-20th of October 2016 in Nancy (former ‘Journée Francophones des Jeunes Physico-Chimistes’).

Come and join us if you are interested !
"Nothing truly valuable can be achieved, except by the unselfish cooperation of many individuals" (A. Einstein).

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