Young Chemists

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Welcome to the web page of the French Young Chemist’s Network – Rhône-Alpes section .
Our office, elected in January 2019, is made up of five young scientists with different backgrounds but with one point in common : the desire to commit themselves to strengthening networks and connections between young chemists.

The president of our Young Chemist’s Network is Léa Vilcocq. She is a CNRS researcher working at Laboratoire de Génie des Procédés Catalytiques (LGPC). Her work is about catalytic process for biomass valorization. She has received her PhD from Poitiers University after doing a thesis at IFPEN about catalytic transformation of polyols. Before entering CNRS, she worked as a Post-Doc at Centro de Quimica da Madeira, at IRCELYON and at the R&D department of Firmenich SA.

The vice-president of our Young Chemist’s Network, Céline Pagis, received her diploma from Centrale Marseille engineering school and got her PhD form Lyon University in 2018 dealing with synthesis of zeolithes. She is now research engineer at IFP Energies Nouvelles and works mainly on CO2 photo-reduction to produce solar fuels. Thanks to her dynamism and her previous experiences in various associations, Céline actively helps the Young Chemist’s Network at organizing events and meetings in Rhône-Alpes to promote the synergy of french chemists and in particular of SCF members.

Natalia Potrzebowska, secretary of the Young Chemist’s Network, is engineer in nanotechnology graduated from Technical University of Lodz in Poland. She is currently doing her industrial PhD financed by Solvay. Her subject deals with heterogeneous catalysis processes of oxidation applied to glucose. She would like to develop new ways of communications inside the Young Chemist’s Network and help to organize different events.

Noémie Perret, treasurer of our Young Chemist’s Network, was recently appointed at IRCELYON and her work is about developping new catalysts for biomass treatment. After receiving her PhD in heterogeneous catalysis from Edinburgh University , she worked one year at SASOL and two years at Liverpool University as a Post-Doc. As a CNRS researcher and after leaving eight years abroad, Noémie wants to share her experience.

Sarah Blanck, in charge of communication in our Young Chemist’s Network, is engineer in physico-chemistry graduated from Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Lille. She is currently doing a PhD thesis at ENS of Lyon in partnership with Total about modeling wettability phenomenons for applications in industrial lubrication. New member of the Young Chemist’s Networkn she would like to enhance the visibility of the French Chemical Society for young chemists.

According to France Chimie, the Rhône-Alpes region is the first French region for chemical production. In particular the petrochemical industry, the mineral chemistry and the production of fine chemicals are concentrated in the « Chemistry valley » in the south of Lyon ; electronics and material chemistry are strongly developed in Grenoble and the Ain valley is known for its many companies operating in the plastic manufacture. For this reason, the mission of our office is to strengthen the connections between the young members of our network and the industrial partners, favor their professional insertion and organize events where people from the industry and young chemists can meet.

If you have new ideas or good suggestions, but also if you feel the drive to commit yourself to the development of the network and you would like to join us, do not hesitate to contact us (bureau.rjscf.ra@societechimiquedefrance.fr) : we will be pleased to answer to any of your questions.

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