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The French Young Chemists’ Network – Centre Ouest Section gathers students and young chemists from the universities of Poitiers, Limoges, La Rochelle, Tours and Orléans. It was created in 2011, and since then an annual meeting is organized around the job market in chemistry. A round-table meeting is organized where several industrial speakers from different chemical sectors share their experience and advices with the students.

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Our meeting at Poitier in 2016.

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Our meeting at Poitier in 2016.

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Our meeting at Limoges in 2014.

Following this round-table meeting , an exchange time more specifically focused on resumes and job interviews is proposed. PhD students and research associates are welcomed to bring their resume to have professional advice.

Lettre N°67 (janvier-février 2016)

Mr. F. Dubroca (Formaso) who was leading the resume and job interview part (Poitiers, 2016)

This annual meeting always ends with a friendly drink to extend and facilitate casual talk between professionals and students.

During the regional congress of the SCF, the youth club proudly awards the poster prize to PhD students. This year Jaufrey Bouquet (Poitiers) was our winner !

PoitiersJaufrey Bouquet received the best poster prize.

We are continuously searching for volunteers to promote events about chemistry ! Conferences, visits of elementary schoolchildren are currently in discussion ! Come and join us to bring ideas and to develop a local networking !

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